from Good Education

Below is a compilation of ideas and specific things from our blog posts that you can implement right now to help the African-American boys in your life:


  1. Parents need to make every effort to be available for boys when they need help.  This is particularly important during homework time.  When parents cannot be there, they should make every effort to provide alternative support with other adults who can supervise or tutor during homework sessions.  (From our blog post:
  2. Be patient when working with him on homework.  When they perceive that their regular supportive adult (i.e., parent, grandparent, etc.) is frustrated or angry, the boys are less likely to ask for help in the future.  Often, they deal with their need for help by demonstrating anger and frustration, themselves. (From our blog post:


  1. Educators need to work harder to partner with African American boys and their families by showing an interest in the boys’ lives and by providing opportunities for the boys and their families to be resources in the classroom.   (From our blog post:
  2. Educators need to see others besides those in the typical family support systems to include “any adults who provide school-related instrumental and emotional support.” (From our blog post:
  3. Educators should learn exactly how parents support their sons’ education and what the each of the boys consider as supportive. (From our blog post:
  4. Educators and parents should make sure to include men in the school’s support networks. (From our blog post:
  5. Educators need to identify supportive peers and engage them in assisting other boys. (From our blog post:

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