We all know that boys seem to be losing ground, but some of the assertions put forth in Tim Wright’s recent blog post, “Does Liberty  and Justice for All Include Our Boys?” on The Huffington Post’s Blog spells out specifically some stunning facts that should give pause to youth advocates everywhere.  Wright offers support for this post by looking to three sources:  author Michael Gurian, Author Richard Whitmire, and policy makers Michael Reichert and Richard Hawley.

  • Wright shared insights gleaned from New York Times bestselling author Michael Gurian:  Among others, he points out that…
    • For every 100 girls suspended from school, there are 250 boys suspended.
    • Boys are expelled from preschool at five times the rate of girls, and
    • Boys are 60 percent more likely to be held back in kindergarten than girls.
    • More girls than boys take college prep courses in high school.
    • More girls than boys are graduating from college.


  • Wright also shares insights from Richard Whitmire’s book, Why Boys Fail.  According to Whitmire, “the reading skills of the average 17-year-old boy have steadily declined over the last 20 years.”

To add to the urgency of our boys’ situation, Wright cites United States policy makers Michael Reichert and Richard Hawley who “calculate that if 5 percent more boys completed high school and matriculated to college, the nation would save $8 billion a year in welfare and criminal justice costs.”