MC900440370Young African-American males have been stereotyped by the “’the five Ds’: Dumb, Dangerous, Deprived, Deviant, and Disturbed.”  While we regularly explore research-based education strategies on this blog because we know that black boys are not inherently “dumb,” the results of a recent study, described on Your Black World website, offers better understanding of  one of those other D’s—Dangerous.

Assistant professor at the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis, Lorena Estrada-Martinez conducted a study of African-American youth to learn what factors contribute to violence within that group.

The study author acknowledges multiple stressors among the study’s group.  Stressors include general daily stressors such as financial shortage and neighborhood stress and racial discrimination.

Surprisingly, it was not the general daily stressors—financial lack or neighborhood stressors—that lead to violent behavior among African-American you.  The results point to racial discrimination along with general daily stressors as the most significant factors in fostering violence and aggression in African-American adolescents.  Estrada-Martinez says, “…Contrary to expectations, stress that stemmed from financial shortage and neighborhood stress were not associated with the risk of violent behaviors during emerging adulthood.”