America has many institutions of higher learning, and few would argue that getting your son to earn a degree presents him with many more options for a stable employment future.  So, it is not surprising that parents and students put a lot of effort into going to the most prestigious colleges, and that often means that African-American boys are among minority population on those campuses.  A recent article on the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education’s website, “Black Students at Less Diverse Campuses Are Likely to Be Victims of Discrimination,” points out that minority students who attend colleges with a small percentage of minorities in the student body are more likely to be victims of racial discrimination.

Sylvia Hurtado, director of the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA, led the study, which surveyed more than 4,000 minority students on 31 campuses.  She and her team found that when the population was less diverse—20% or less—were more likely to experience some form of racial discrimination.  Even in more diverse populations “where minorities were 36 % or more of all students, 37.5% of Black students reported verbal racial abuse.”