David Brooks, op-ed columnist for the New York Times and commentator on public television’s The Newshour with Jim Lehrer, recently penned an article, “Why Men Fail,” that presented a startling yet painfully familiar look at the status of men in America, and they are failing miserably:

  • Boys earn ¾ of the D’s and F’s in school
  • Only 40% of bachelor’s degrees go to men
  • Only 40% of master’s degrees go to men
  • Because of their lower skills, fewer of them are working when compared to women
    • In 1954, 96% of men between 25 and 54 worked
    • In 2012, 80% of men between 25 and 54 work
  • Men still dominate the corporate ladder, but women are leading or gaining ground in almost all other areas
  • 12 of the 15 fastest-growing professions are dominated by women

So, what does it take to be successful today?  They are things that do not come easily to men:

In her book, The End of Men, Hanna Rosin asserts that the reason that women are doing so much better than men is because they are more flexible and open to change while men are more rigid and determined to cling to old, familiar ways.  Rosin asserts that America has shifted from a manufacturing economy to an information and service economy.  We must prepare our sons to be more flexible and able to work in the emerging economy.