No one would argue about the fact that being a single mother can be quite stressful; however, a group of three Kansas State University researchers has found “that single mothers who engage with children in daily activities—such as reading stories or playing games—may experience lower levels of stress.”  The article, “Power of Playtime: Single Mothers Can Reduce Stress by Playing, Engaging With Children”, on the Science Daily website reports that about 41 percent of United States births are to unwed mothers, and single mothers “often have higher levels of parental stress than married mothers.”

The reasons for single mothers’ stress are apparent. Single mothers often have “decreased economic resources, longer work hours and their social support network may be limited as well.”  Among other findings, the researchers found that “the more time a mother spends engaging with her child in daily activities, the lower level of stress she may experience and the more energizing she may feel as a parent.”  While engaging with her child has benefits for the child, “…there is long-term positive impact for the mother as well.”