Trayvon Martin Protest - Sanford

The nation is gripped by the tragic story of the Sanford, Florida teen, Trayvon Martin.  While we all watch to see how justice will be served in this case, many are up in arms about the perceptions formed about the reasons for his death.  On his show, Politics Nation with Al Sharpton, Rev. Al Sharpton speaks to Washington Post reporter, Jonathan Capehart, whose article about the things that he faced as a teenager in Newark, New Jersey.  This video of their exchange in Capehart’s old neighborhood enumerates some rules that you should share with all the young African-American males that you know:

  • Don’t run in public so that the police won’t suspect that you have done something wrong.
  • Don’t run in public with anything in your hands so that no one will think that you stole something.
  • Don’t talk back to the police.
  • “Don’t give the police a reason to stop you.”

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