A recent response on the Education Week Teacher blog by Larry Ferlazzo  has become a series of answers to the question, “What is the best way to help struggling readers?”  One recent post featured suggestions from three prominent educators of national prominence:  Regie Routman, and Laura Robb, and Kylene Beers.  Each of these educators offer suggestions for helping struggling readers:

Regie Routman believes that it is crucial to get the “right” (one that engages him more than one that is the correct reading level) book into the hands of struggling readers.  Then, Routman, requires regular, amble time for uninterrupted reading.

Laura Robb believes that it is important to balance instructional and independent reading by following ten suggestions that include Instructional Reading, Independent Reading, Choice, Teacher Reading Aloud, and others.

Kylene Beers is sold on using a great one-size-fits-all reading program school-wide that remediates the weak areas for its struggling readers. Then, they individualize the support that each child needs by picking and choosing from among a list of things that would help him.  That list includes things like reading aloud to students, talking with them about what they are reading, and requiring that they actually read.