Reading to your child should begin in the womb, but it certainly should be a part of your toddler’s life.  Creating a regular, cozy routine of reading to him each day can go a long way to making him a good reader when he is older.  So, how should you choose books for your little guy?  On the What to Expect parenting website, a recent post, “Best Books for Toddlers,” offers some good ideas for making great choices:

  • There should be lots of “large, colorful, and straightforward” pictures.
  • The books should tell simple stories that contain “familiar language and repetitive text.”  Rhyming text is excellent for helping him feel like he is “reading along” with you.
  • Choose books about things that are mirrored in his life.  Books about everyday routines such as, “mealtimes, bedtime, and saying bye-bye to Daddy and Mommy before they go to work.”  Books about things that interest him are good choices a well.  If he likes certain animals, cars, or fire trucks, those are destined to be his favorites.
  • Consider creating handmade books with pictures from magazines and family photos.  Writing simple captions under each will be labor of love that he probably will enjoy.