A recent article “Report Sheds Light on Factors Influencing College Graduation”   on the Education Week website by Caralee Adams summarized a new report “Assessing Graduation Rates at Four-Year Institutions” that reports on what factors contribute to the likelihood that students will complete college.  The report indicates that a student’s best chances to graduate will occur if the student is an Asian female whose parents have gone to college; however, there are some facts that seem to improve the chances of other students to complete college.

Among others, the most significant factors to improve a student’s chances of completing college are the following:

  • Living on campus
  • Selecting a college because of early action or early admission
  • Enjoying a strong sense of emotional health
  • Possessing a strong desire to achieve
  • Choosing a college that is near home
  • Volunteering during high school
  • Visiting the campus before enrolling
  • Beginning the college experience by researching them on the Internet