A recent video on the Best Practices Weekly website <a href="describes“>describes the results of a study by two German researchers on what is an effective writing process between two student groups in a writing class.  Both groups received instruction on strategy implementation procedures and writing guides.  Those guides include checklists, graphic organizers, and planning guides.  The other group also received instruction about how to think about their writing.  Each of those students received a chart with scores for their past writing that broke down those pieces into various writing domains, such as voice, sentence structure, etc.  This made it simple for students to set writing goals for themselves with each new writing assignment.  Those students were given instruction on evaluation procedure, another form of self-regulation, that includes how to set goals about the aspects of their writing that they want to improve.

The result? The group who received the self-regulation instruction did much better than the students who only received the writing strategy instruction.

This study confirms the findings of other studies about self-regulation that writing instruction should include how to think about the writing the students are doing as well as how to write.