This is the first of a series of videos about steps taken in schools in the United Kingdom that have shown promise in turning things around for its black boys.

Remarkably, the widening achievement gap between the academic performance of black boys and white students grows in other countries just as it does in the United States. Like educators and parents in America, school officials in those countries are implementing strategies that will close that gap with their boys.  Perhaps we can learn from them.

Black Boys in School (pt. 1) [10:18]

The Colverstone Primary School in Hackney has chosen to identify disaffected black boys early.  The chosen boys are taught crucial behaviors that are linked to success, and the school tries to impact their behavior by connecting the boys with older men who can model and talk with them about crucial behaviors.

The Copland School in Wembly addresses their disaffected black boys in this secondary school by making an effort to employ high-quality black teachers who can serve as role models to whom the students can relate.