Research news source, Alpha Galileo Foundation, published a Wiley-Blackwell press release on its website called “How to Halt the Pre-K to Prison Trend for African-American Youth.”  The article states, “The solution to this problem lies within families, schools and communities.  The author of the study, Oscar A. Barbarin, III, PhD., suggests the following answers:

  • Parents should engage children “through talking, listening, and offering challenging new experiences.”
  • Schools should:
  • Acknowledge the unique challenges of African-American boys
  • Develop strong relationships with the families of their African-American boys
  • Incorporate movement in instruction
  • “Classrooms can be reformed to provide more engaging and accepting environments for boys.”
  • Community groups—coalitions, churches, etc.—can provide male mentors, especially when there is little to no presence of an adult male at home.