As described in a past posting on this blog, a child’s ability to self-regulate is essential to his success.  Many boys have much difficulty controlling their anger, but a recent study published on the Science Daily website about the connection between anger and other forms of aggression and low levels of the chemical serotonin may offer help in understanding this phenomenon.  Dr. Molly Crockett worked on research as a PhD student at the Behavioural and Clinical Neuroscience Institute of Cambridge University and found that low levels of the chemical serotonin play a role in aggression.  “We’ve known for decades that serotonin plays a role in aggression, but it’s only very recently that we’ve had the technology to look into the brain and examine just how much serotonin helps us regulate our emotional impulses.”  Dr. James Potash of Johns Hopkins University supports her findings in this short clip “Serotonin: Suicide, Aggression and Impulsivity.”

So, you might be interested in natural ways to help your son’s brain produce more serotonin.  The key is a diet rich in tryptophan so that it can be absorbed by his brain to make serotonin.  Learn more about how to enhance this in your son’s diet: