The results of a study by Led Williams, a doctoral student at Ohio State University, and Anthony A. Peguero, a sociology professor at Virginia Tech, were presented recently to the American Sociological Association in Las Vegas at its annual meeting.  Their findings gleaned from a study of almost 10,000 students from 580 schools indicate that high-achieving bullying victims have long-lasting psychological damage and poorer academic performance.  Overall, those students’ GPAs decreased 0.049 points on a four-point scale after being bullied in the tenth grade; however, black students’ GPA decreased by 0.3 point overall.  To put this in perspective, overall, high-achieving white students who were bullying victims saw a 0.03-point drop in their GPAs.  That’s ten times the drop in the GPAs of high-achieving black students who had been bullied than the high-achieving white students who had been bullied.  While high-achieving student groups representing black, white, and Latino students all suffered a drop in their GPAs, no other group of high achievers suffered as much as high-achieving blacks.

The Huffington Post article that reported this study recalled that it confirmed another recent one that showed that the more bullying incidents in a school, the lower the school’s test scores.