Thurman L. Bridges, PhD

During a recent podcast that provided his perspective on reaching black boys in the classroom, Dr. Thurman L. Bridges, an associate professor of teacher education at Morgan State University in Baltimore, described the unique nature of black boys and reasons why they are sometimes difficult to reach.  Dr. Bridges listed the following:

  • Black boys are under attack.  Those attacks, “rooted in a historical truth,” are not as overt as they once were, but they still occur.
  • The glamorization of sex, drugs, and crime–though not invented by black boys–have been touted as features of manhood and therefore embraced by them in the absence of other models.
  • They have little belief in themselves and their ability to achieve.
  • Today’s black boys are “the brightest, most creative, most intuitive, most rebellious, and most resilient” group that we’ve had to date.  Dr. Bridges sees this as an asset that we must tap into because those traits will serve them well in the global frontier of the future.

Click here to hear Dr. Bridges in his own words on the podcast, ” A Perspective on Reaching Black Boys.”