A University of Michigan study has found that most parents prefer that their children have teachers who make their children happy to having teachers who focus on academic achievement.  Interestingly, however, this is not true of all parents.  According to the study’s findings, parents in higher poverty schools value student achievement, but they seem indifferent to the student satisfaction that a teacher may create within that class.  It appears that the parents from the wealthier schools prefer that their children have teachers with reputations for high student satisfaction.

This is surprising.  Of course, a good classroom climate along with a good academic experience is ideal.  Certainly, parents don’t want their children in an unpleasant classroom, but it’s not a popularity contest.  If there is a problem, parents should try to resolve it before asking for a different teacher (See the link to the video below.)  Teachers have the responsibility to educate their students.  Don’t parents want teachers who can provide a high-quality education over their children’s happiness?  Isn’t this why they attend school?