I know that I am not the only one, but as a former teacher and tutor with many years of experience, I have seen a lot of trends and changes.  I embrace technology as a vital teaching tool.  Still, there are some things that I wish could happen for our children:

  • Children should know how to write in cursive.  Students will not  have a computer with them at all times.  Many students are not able to write their names in cursive!  How ridiculous is it for students to print signatures when they sign checks or contracts?  Although they are preoccupied with state-mandated testing, most teachers would teach it if they had more time.
  • As they age, children should actually “earn” awards and privileges, not just be given them.
  • Black children should learn to use Standard English.  They can keep their dialect to use in casual situations such as with family and friends, but when they are in a more formal setting (i.e., school, public speaking, job interviews, etc.), they should be able to switch to  Standard English. 
  • Parents should surround their children with books throughout their houses.  Research says that just having lots of books in the house—no matter the education level or socioeconomic level of the parents—significantly improves children’s academic performance.

Just some things to think about…