The Schott Foundation, whose lofty mission proclaims “All children graduate from high performing, well-resourced public schools, and are capable of success in college and full participation in a democratic society, regardless of race, gender, class, or native language,” recently published a comprehensive report on the state of African-American boys among all 50 states in America.  The results confirm what we’ve been hearing:  African-American boys are the lowest performing group among all groups in the country, and they fall behind all others in all areas and exceed all others in the area of disciplinary actions.

The Schott Foundation’s “50 State Black Boys Report” examines data about how Black boys compare to other groups in various areas: graduation rates, reading proficiency, percentage enrolled in gifted/talented programs, classification as mentally retarded, enrollment in Advanced Placement in math and science, disciplinary actions, and economic outcomes.  The results are grim in every area.  A few states are getting good results:  Maine, North Dakota, New Hampshire, Vermont, Idaho, Montana, Utah, South Dakota, New Jersey, and Iowa; but others are among the worst: Georgia, Alabama, Indiana, District of Columbia, Ohio, Nebraska, Louisiana, South Carolina, Florida, and New York.

We refuse to give up on our sons.  This blog community will explore the literature and research for things that we all can do to improve the situation—for one boy or for many.  It starts with just one and the collective efforts of all of us who dare to try.